Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Jacksonville

Who doesn"t love ice cream? Well, there might be some but most people could not resist this sweet and tasty treat especially during the harsh Florida summer. When the weather"s getting warm, we immediately look for something that could help us beat the heat. If you"re in Jacksonville, you"re certainly in luck for you have awesome places that serve some of the best ice cream on the planet!

The Hyppo

90 Riverside Ave STE 605
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Placed on a convenient location, you would be thrilled to cool down with their icy treats. They have various selections of exciting popsicles (so many flavors to choose from!). Freah and healthy ingredients are used to create the delicious popsicles that would satisfy your cravings. You can even dip your popsicles in chocolate or nuts for an additional charge but it"s worth it.

Whit’s Frozen Custard of Mandarin

11362 San Jose Blvd
Ste 3
Jacksonville, FL 32223

Up for some frozen custard? Well, this is the best place to go to. What"s more exciting is you can create anything you want as they will mix it for you. They have this “flavor calendar" where you could see some special flavors to be served on specific dates. Now, dig your spoon on the creamy goodness and just melt away your troubles!


3646 Post St
Jacksonville, FL 32205

They have a great selection of ice crem, cups, cones, banana splits, sundaes, floats and milkshakes which we do think could satisfy your sweet tooth. Don"t be discouraged by the long line because the banana split is worth it! Also, you might be surprised that the “small" serving is not small as it seems.

Jeremiahs Italian Ice

9891 San Jose Blvd
Ste 6
Jacksonville, FL 32257

A mixture of soft and Italian ice – what do you get? Gelati, of course! They have more than 20 flavors to choose from but if you are a bit undecided, they have small samples to help you decided. Apart from this, reasonable prices are too good to be true for every cup is over filled.

5 Fx Ice Cream

10950 San Jose Blvd
Ste 13
Jacksonville, FL 32223

Wanna know how ice cream is made? You"d be in for a surprise to see your ice cream being made right before your very eyes. Some people might not find it exciting but hey, you don"t see that stuff everyday! You can start by your choice of milk, ingredients and toppings. They also have Taiyaki or stuffed waffles shaped like a fish which is oozingly full with Nutella!

Brusters Ice Cream

12224 Atlantic Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32225
Greater Arlington

Another ice cream place to dig your sweeth tooth in. What makes them special though is they have free ice cream delights for very young kids and your pets! Your dog could totally cool down, too. They even have a drive thru, yays!

Best Places To Get Coffee or Tea in Jacksonville

Sometimes, you just a need a place to calm down and just relax a bit. What"s more relaxing than sipping coffee or tea to ease your stress? Here are some great cafes that you should drop by in Jacksonville:

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters – Riverside

869 Stockton St
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Here, you"ll find in-house roasted beans, syrups and professional baristas who would make the perfect cup. They offer some creative blends such as spicy chocolate latte which just has the right amount of spiciness to zest you up! There"s even some options for non-dairy folks. Enjoy in a relaxing atmosphere where you could wind down or even read a book.

Southern Roots Filling Station

1275 King St
Jacksonville, FL 32204

If you want to try something different, head down to this place where it can be considered a vegan"s haven. There"s a wide selection of healthy and fresh produce which can enjoy. For coffee, we recommend getting a Black Panther which is divine!

Sippers Coffeehouse

7643 Gate Pkwy
Ste 101
Jacksonville, FL 32256

People sure are glad to find this hidden gem! They have an eclectic decor with a 50"s diner touch. Their lattes are delightful and their breakfast options will get you back to your senses. They have affordable prices as well that would make your pocket glad.

Urban Grind Coffee Company

50 N Laura St
Jacksonville, FL 32202

A great coffeehouse located in the Downtown area with warm baristas to give you a relaxing atmosphere. Their menu has a wide selection of coffee such an iced nonfat chai, mocha latte and so on. They also have daily specials that goes perfectly with your cup of joe!

Community Loaves

1120 Edgewood Ave S
Jacksonville, FL 32205

Be dazzled with a rustic interior, mason jars, vintage decors and hand written menus. They even have a lovely garden for you to just sit back and relax. They serve brunch and homemade baked goodies such as their sourdough which will happily fill your tummies.

Aroma Corner

11757 Beach Blvd
Ste 9
Jacksonville, FL 32246
Greater Arlington

Craving for boba teas? This is the perfect place to sip down on cold drinks and take a bite on Asian inspired desserts. Perfectly cooked bobas and not-too-sweet desserts will make your day more satisfying. And did we mention that they have Taro flavor? Yum!

Where do you usually get some freshly-brewed coffee in Jacksonville? Tell us about it!